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Welcome to our Coaches Corner

Linda Sue


Coach Linda Sue is a Health and Wellness Professional, Educator and CEO of Natural Health & Fitness Solutions, LLC, driven with passion to “Transform You Naturally ~ Inside & Out”.

Joyce C. O’Neal

Certified Juice Therapist

Joyce C. O'Neal is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Juice Therapist with the official Sanction of the CMA "Complementary Medical Association".

Lisa Charles


Lisa is a Health and Wellness Professional, Speaker and CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC driven by the desire to bring innovative and effective Wellness program to major functional spaces.

Musu Wheeler

Integrative Health Recreation Fitness Studio

My passion has come full circle. Growing up in Africa, my grandmother was a traditional medicine healer. Her logic and knowledge was impressive. She inspired me to become a professional in health and wellness.