DR. James A. Brockenbrough, M.D.


Dr. James A. Brockenbrough is a Thoracic Surgeon (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgeon). He is a professional member of the American College of Surgeons, the American Venous Forum and the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Brockenbrough is experienced in Vein Treatment, Restless Leg Treatment and Vein Removal. Dr. Brockenbrough is a specialist in Thoracic Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery & Vascular Surgery. 

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Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Matthew Michaels specializes in physical medicine and interventional pain management. Throughout his more than three decades’ experience in the medical field, he’s helped countless patients recover from debilitating back pain, using his personal history of degenerative disc disease to inform patients’ care and to author the best-selling book Take Control of Your Back Pain. His recent work includes leadership positions in numerous healthcare start-ups, where he aims to better the lives of those with health conditions such as diabetes and vascular dysfunction. He’s passionate about the health benefits of Panoxol and its potential to improve the overall well-being of the general public.

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Founder and Inventor

Dr. John M. Richards invented Panoxol as a supplement for those in need of a holistic and natural remedy for vascular health and has since seen great success amongst both his patients and himself.

He served as Chief Medical Officer for the US Department of Energy for three administrations, retiring from federal service in 2002 after 29 years of medical practice.

During his tenure with the Department of Energy, Dr. Richards hosted various events and conferences directly impacting federal healthcare policy. Since his retirement, he’s worked tirelessly providing general medical care for the District of Columbia Homeless Outreach Program through the Unity Health Care Program, championed by former First Lady Michelle Obama. Throughout his time with Unity, Dr. Richards has also worked with the Department of Corrections as a general staff physician, providing medical services to another traditionally under-served population.

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Keith’s passion for Panoxol and involvement with the company stem from firsthand experience of what the supplement can do for people’s health. Keith is ardent advocate for Panoxol and its power to change lives.

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William J. Dennis, M.Ed.

Chief Executive Officer

William founded Practice Success as an effort to introduce integrative and collaborative coaching and consulting to innovative clinicians. He believed that the time had come to ‘reinvent’ the health industry by creating networks of like-minded, forward-thinking, diverse individuals — starting in greater DC and NYC with a dozen interdisciplinary collaborative groups with programs including clinical communications and leadership.

Over the last few decades, William has evolved his contribution to the healthcare community, always maintaining his leadership, technology, and team building. In the intervening years, he served as Vice President of the Seltzer Institute and President of Coaching Solutions — a collaborative practice management firm founded in 2000 that implemented transformation with a broad team-based approach to complex business issues.

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Chief Operating Officer

Michael Grant has 30 years of commercial experience in systems architecture and solutions design, vision realization, and management consulting. In addition to working at the University of Maryland and Sun Microsystems, he’s run his own internet services company and has held positions in numerous tech start-ups. He helped build pieces of the internet (working on standards) and is a proponent of open-source software, security, and encryption.

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Chief Technical Officer

Ordaz Jeter has over 30 years of combined education and career experience in mathematics, data analytics, and computer science. His past career involves providing technological expertise for healthcare institutes, high schools, and colleges including Stratford University and Old Dominion University. Ordaz is devoted to bettering his craft through continued professional studies and hands-on experience.

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Director of Logistics

LaTorria has a strong background in analytics, staff and office management, event coordination, and sales. As Corporate Secretary and Director of Logistics for Panoxol, she uses her exceptional customer service and administrative skills to support the leadership team and the day-to-day operations of the organization.

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Willis Victory

Chief Corporate Advisor

Willis is a former CEO of a publicly traded company, an international dynamic business leader, visionary and an advocate for Panoxol. He has also served as Co-President for Conscious Capitalism, Washington D.C, an organization founded by Founder of Whole Foods Inc., John Mackey. Willis partnered with Co-Founder of Panoxol, Keith Mathews, with a vision of creating an affordable global health care system, with Panoxol leading the way. He is also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a Navy Achievement Medal recipient. Willis believes Panoxol is a game changer and a supplement that will change lives, while saving lives.

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