Dr. Owings on Nitric Oxide

So while I was doing research, I really I was looking for different ways to help my husband who was having some real health challenges. I learned about something called, ‘nitric oxide’ and it’s a miracle molecule. I really don’t know quite how else to describe it. For years scientists knew that there was something in the human body that relaxes blood vessels and open them up. We didn’t know what it was. So we call it relaxing factor. When three Americans found out it was nitric oxide it was worthy of the Nobel Prize. This is big stuff because not only does it help relax blood vessels and open them up. That’s just a short term situation. Over the long term, as these blood vessels were exposed to more and more nitric oxide, what happens is they become softer and more pliable more youthful. Plaque dissolves—it doesn’t break off and go down stream. It dissolves and melts away. Tthe blood vessels are more supple. This hardening of the arteries or plaquing is actually disappearing so that’s an incredible situation. When you realize all of the diseases that are related to poor blood flow.
What’s a heart attack? Poor blood flow to the heart.
What’s a stroke? That’s poor blood flow to the brain.

You may know people with trouble with their extremities and diabetics in particular may get wounds and poor healing. Guess what? That is blood flow. Viagra gets a lot of press, but guess what the problem that it treats? It’s a blood flow problem. So you’re supporting the blood flow in the entire body everything is getting better.” Dr. Elizabeth Owings MD

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