Panoxol is now exclusively part of the Nucleogenex family of products!

Big News!April 2023

Learn all about the new partnership with Nucleogenex and how you can benefit.

Dr. Bernard J Fragomeni


Chief Science Officer

"If you're higher on the cardio metabolic disease spectrum, then Panoxol might just be for you"!

- Dr. Fragomeni

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Panoxol’s Powerhouse Ingredients

Horse Chestnut

Alleviates inflammation related to injury, venous insufficiency, and swelling.

Red Yeast Rice

Supports existing healthy cholesterol levels and overall heart health.

Ginkgo Biloba

Promotes circulation and heart health. Supports peripheral circulation.

Cayenne Pepper

Promotes overall cardiovascular function. Aids the body in detoxification.

How Do You Know Panoxol Is Right For You?

Answer: Take a DNA Test and match your own, unique genetic markers, to heart specific markers within our new epigenetic reports.

3 Signs That Your Body's Low on Nitric Oxide

Lack of Enery

Nitric oxide deficiency prevents blood vessels from relaxing, leading to constant fatigue.

Morning Dizziness

Over time, plaque accumulates in the arteries, preventing blood flow to the brain.

Unhealthy Blood Pressure

Narrowed, weakened blood vessels may cause difficulties with memory and cognition.

Dain Weiner

“I may be a lawyer but it does not mean I sit behind a desk all day. I hike, run, and lead a very active life. I believe in the product and am now a board member of the parent company."

Damonn C.

“I am a licensed insurance agent. I love this product. Not only do I take it but I continually recommend it to all my clients."

Lisa Driver, MI

“I will be 96 next February. I have been using this product for three years, ever since my cardiologist told me to use it and stay on it. My daughter Daphne 70 uses it as well."

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